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Symptoms of Rice Tungro Disease

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Symptoms of Rice Tungro Disease

1. Infection at the early stage usually causes more stunting. Initial symptoms of Rice tungro virus infection are inter-veinal chlorosis and twisting of infected leaves.

2. The leaf discolouration may vary from greenish yellow to reddish brown or yellowish brown.

3. The leaf discolouration usually starts from the tip of the leaves and may extend to the lower part of the leaf blade. Small rusty, necrotic spots may also be seen on the discoloured areas of the older leaves.

4. If the plants are infected during early stages, panicles may fail to emerge or emerge bearing chaffy and shriveled grains.

5. Grains are also covered with dark blotches and grain weight is reduced. Tungro infection generally delays the flowering and there is no uniformity in crop maturity.

6. The panicles are often small, sterile and incompletely exerted. Infected plants exhibit poor root growth.

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DRR training manual ( Dr . Krishnaveni)
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DRR training manual ( Dr . Krishnaveni)
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