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Symptoms of Rice Ragged Stunt

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Symptoms of Rice Ragged Stunt

1. Symptoms of Rice Ragged Stunt viral disease.

2. Infected plants become severely stunted during early growth stages of the crop. Leaves become short and dark green with serrated edges.

3. Leaf blades become twisted at the apex or base, which result in the spiral shape of the leaves. Leaf edges turn uneven and the twisting gives the leaves a ragged appearance.

4. Ragged portions of the leaves are yellow to yellow-brown in color. Vein swellings develop on the leaf blades and sheaths.

5. Swellings are pale yellow or white to dark brown in color. Flag leaves become twisted, malformed, and shortened at booting stage. Flowering is delayed.

6. Incomplete panicle emergence nodal branches produced at upper nodes.

7. Partially exerted panicles and unfilled grains.

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