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Symptoms and Chemical Control of Dwarf Disease

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Symptoms of dwarf disease

1. Stunting of the plant and presence of chlorotic or whitish specks on the leaves.

2. The specks may also see on the leaf sheath. Sometimes diffused yellowing is also observed on the distal parts and along the margins of the infected older leaves.

3. Infected older leaves produce diminutive tillers.

4. Number of tillers get reduced when the infection occur in the initial stages.

5. Root growth is also reduced and roots extend horizontally.

6. Heads when produced are very poor with small grains, mostly unfilled.

Chemical control of Dwarf Disease

1. Chemicals like Fenitrothin, Diazinon, Carbaryl, Malathion and Vamidothion controls the disease.

2. Carbaryl has been considered highly effective against vector Nephotetix cincticeps.

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