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Surface Storage Structures

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Surface storage structures include Bag storage storage, Bulk storage, Kothi or Mud Pots and Kuthla.

 Bag storage : Farm products are stored after placing them in gunny bags made of jute. Storage in bags has following advantages each bag contains a definite quantity which can be bought, sold or despatched without difficulty; bags are easier to load or unload. The bags which are identified as infested on inspection can be removed and treated easily; and the problem of the sweating of grains does not arise because the surface of the bag is exposed to the atmosphere.

Bulk or Loose Storage: Farm products are sometimes stored in surface structures in a loose form. The advantages of this method are: The exposed peripheral surface area per unit weight of grain is less. Consequently, the danger of damage from external sources is reduced; and pest infestation is less because of almost airtight conditions in the deeper layers.These two points in favour of bulk storage are significant. The only precaution necessary for bulk storage is to avoid the sweating of grains.

Kothi or Mud Pots: These are cylindrical in and are made up of unburnt clay mixture with straw and cowdung or cowdung, mud and bricks. The capacity of these varies from one to 50 tonnes.

Kuthla: These are cylindrical bins of mud/brick mixed with straw and cowdung.

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