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Surface seeding

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  • It is the simplest system for zero tillage or conservation tillage which is generally practiced in paddy fields.    
  • The seeds are broadcasted in the saturated soil surface without any  tillage operation.   
  • This is the only system for low lying poorly drained heavy rice soils that don't allow timely tillage operation for sowing mustard and is widely practiced in Serchip and Champai districts.   
  • This practice cuts the cost of production and does not require any implements.   
  • This method is popular among small, subsistent and below subsistent-level farmers.   
  • However, sowing on the open soil surface makes it possible for seed to be damaged / eaten by birds.   
  • To protect the seed from bird damage, farmers essentially prepare a thin  layer of cow dung on seed surface after seeding 
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Brajendra and Vijai Pal Bhadana Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad - Published in Rice Knowledge Management for Food and Nutritional Food Security
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