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Stages of Seed Formation

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Stages of rice Seed formation are
a. The fertilized egg cell develops within 12 hours after fertilization.

b. The endosperm of the developing seed turns milky white 8 days after fertilization. The embryo develops after 10 days.

c. The endosperm turns into the soft dough stage at 14 days after fertilization, and the hard dough stage 7 days later.

d. Within 25-30 days after fertilization, the ovule has matured and fully ripened into a seed.
e. Under tropical conditions, all the spikelets on a panicle complete flowering within 7-10 days and following fertilization, ovary starts developing into a caryopsis.

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Morphological and Floral Characteristics of Rice( Dr. A. S. Hari Prasad DRR)
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Dr. A.S. Hari Prasad ( DRR)
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