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Sowing Sprouted Seeds for Rajarajan 1000 Rice Cultivation

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Watering: Water the nursery with rose can as and when needed (twice or thrice a day) to keep the soil moist.

1. Protect the nursery from heavy rains for the first 5 DAS. At 6 DAS, maintain thin film of water all around the seedling mats.

2. Drain the water 2 days before removing the seedling mats for transplanting.

Spraying fertilizer solution (optional): If seedling growth is slow, sprinkle 0.5% urea + 0.5% zinc sulfate solution at 8-10 DAS.

Lifting seedling mats: Seedlings reach sufficient height for planting at 15 days. Lift the seedling ats and transport them to main field.

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