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Seed Production/Seed Certification/ Seed quality control/ Training

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Name: Seed Production/Seed Certification/ Seed quality control/ Training
Benefits Offered: The Certified seed production techniques and seed quality control legislation trainings are conducted as detailed below:
1) Training to the Government Seed producers
2) Training to the private seed producers.
3) Training to the seed dealers.
Eligibility: Any person desired to get trained in the seed production techniques/seed quality control can participate in the training. No fee needs to be paid.
Officers to be approached: Concerned Assistant Director of Seed Certification / Deputy Director of Seed Inspection
Time limit for sanction/rejection: The decisions will be communicated within 10 days.
Appellate Authority:
Director of Seed Certification
1424A, Thadagam Road,
Coimbatore-641 013.
Phone: 0422-2432984
Tele fax: 0422-2457554
Website: www.seedtamilnadu.com53

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