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Seed germination testing

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1. Before seeds can be packed and sold as hybrid seed, they must be tested for germination rate and purity. Public seed testing agencies normally do the testing and certification.

2. The germination rate must be at least 85% in order for seed to be certified. Before taking your seed for testing, you can do your own germination test at home by following the instructions.

3. Spread 200 seeds evenly over new or clean jute sacks that have been soaked in water. Cover the seeds with another wet jute sack.

4. Roll up the jute sacks with the seeds inside and store them in the shade for 7 days. Keep the rolled sacks moist for the entire period. Do not let them dry out.

5. Make three sets of 200 seeds. At the end of 7 days, count the normal seedlings that have developed. (Normal seedlings will have well-developed roots and shoots.)

6. All three sets of germinated seeds should have a minimum germination rate of 85%. A germination rate of 85% is 170 normal seedlings for each set of 200 seeds. If the germination rate of seeds is 85% or higher, the seeds can be packed.

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