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Seed Certification

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Name: Seed Certification
Benefits offered: The Seed production is supervised and the quality seed lots are certified. Certification will be completed in six phases:
1) Receipt and scrutiny of application.
2) Verification of source & other requirements
3) Field Inspections
4) Supervision at post harvest stages.
5) Seed sampling and analysis
6) Issue of certificate
Eligibility: Any person desired to produce certified seed can do so by registering himself with the Department of Seed Certification. Registration fee of Rs. 25 per Sowing report and field inspection/seed testing fee shall be paid. Seeds of only those varieties notified under section 5 of the Seeds Act 1966 shall be eligible for certification.
Officer to be approached: Concerned Assistant Director of Seed Certification.
Time limit for sanction/rejection: The decision on acceptance/rejection will be communicated to the producer within 10 days.
Appellate Authority:
Director of Seed Certification
1424A, Thadagam Road,
Coimbatore - 641 013.
Phone: 0422-2432984
Tele fax: 0422-2457554
Website: www.seedtamilnadu.com50

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