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Rice-maize cropping system for more productivity and profitability

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Technology 12: 

Rice-maize cropping system for more productivity and profitability 

Technology Profile 

Rice–maize (R–M) systems are rapidly expanding in South Asia, India, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh due to higher yield and profit potential from rabi (winter) maize, its reduced water requirement compared to rice–rice systems, and increasing demand from poultry and fish feed industries. 


Need – Increase productivity and more profitability 

Existing practices- Majority of the rice farmers practice rice–rice, rice-pulse, rice-oilseed cultivation  which consumes more water and less profitable 

Potential losses: Crop roductivity loss upto 31.4% and gross profit upto ₹ 18638 / ha 

Areas: In majority of the rice growing areas in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. 

Empirical Evidences 

Demonstration yields and incomes 
System productivity increased by 30% and net profit of ₹ 10000 / ha 

Cropping system REY (t/ha) Gross return (₹/ha)
Rice-rice 7.8  45,124
Rice-wheat 8.4  48,882
Rice-maize  10.2 59,110
Rice-pulse  8.5  49,152
Rice-oilseed  7.0  40,472

Practical utility/Scalability

  • Rice-maize area can be expanded upto 0.53 mha in India
  • Net profitability can be increased to 530 crore for 0.53 mha (₹ 10000 / ha)
  • Already the system is followed in 0.53 mha in India and some patches of rice-rice (4.7 mha), rice-rice-rice (0.04 mha), rice-wheat (9.2 mha)and rice-pulses (3.5 mha) area can be diversified to rice-maize system

Technology / Concept developed by Dr. M.D. Tuti and team


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