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Rice hispa

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Scientific name : Dicladispa armigera .

Local name :

Damage of Rice hispa:

Both adults and grub feed on the green matter of the leaves in short straight line parallel to mid rib.

The attacked leaves turn whitish and membranous.

Control of Rice hispa (RH):

i). Seedling root dip in chlorpyriphos 20EC @ 1ml in one lit. water for 12 h before planting protect the crop for 21 days in main field.

ii. When one adult or one damage leaf/hill at early transplanting and one adult or 1-2 damage leaf/hill at mid tillering stage is seen in the field apply quinalphos 25EC @ 2 lit./ha or monocrotophos 36 EC @ 1.3 lit./ha or phosphamidon 85EC@ 0.6 lit./ha or chlorpyriphos 20EC @ 2.5 lit./ha or carbofuran 3G @ 33 kg /ha.

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