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Rice cultural practices of Tamilnadu

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1. Udu cultivation: Seeds of short duration are mixed with long duration in a proportion of 3:1, sown, planted together but harvested separately to save the crop from floods occurring in October-November.

2. Kaipad system: At the end of north east monsoon during October-November, water is let inside the plots, allowed to stand still to facilitate the decomposition of vegetation. Water is drained during February - March and small mounds of a yard in diameter at the base and two feet high are made. With the advent of south west monsoon, the tops of mounds are leveled and handful of rice seeds are sown. The seedlings after one month are removed and spread all over the field and the rest of cultivation is normal. This system of cultivation is followed in coastal area of north Malabar near river mouths that are prone to tidal influence.

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