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Rice bug/ Gundhi bug/ Ear head bug

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Scientific Name : Leptocorisa acuta.

 Local Name :

Damage of Gundhi bug:

Sucking of grain sap by the bug causes ill-filled/ partially filled and chaffy grains and subsequent infection by fungi and bacteria results in grain discolouration.

Control of Gundhi bug:

When pest population is more than 5 bugs/m2 apply dust formulation of methyl parathion 5% or chlorpyriphos 5% @ 25 kg/ha.

At early milking stage apply monocrotophos 36EC@ 1.3 lit./ha or chlorpyriphos 20EC @2.5 lit./ha or oxydemeton methyl 20 EC @ 2.5 lit./ha but spraying at this stage is not advisable due to insecticide adsorption to the grain.

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