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Rice blast

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Local name: Causal organism: magnaporthe grisea

1. This diseases affects the crop at all the crop stages viz., nursery, tillering and flowering. The yield loss ranges from 36-50 % depending upon the variety and environment condition.

2. Typical leaf lesion are spindle shaped, usually with redish yellow margin; grey in the centre.

3. Leaves of susceptible variety may be killed. The fungus may also attack the stems at the node which turn dark brown to blackish in colour and tend to break easily.

4. Lesions may also occur on panicle neck.The infected necks turn blackish and breakover. Neck blast results in few or no seeds in the panicle.


1. Plant varities resistant to blast like Karma masuri, IR 64, Samleshwai.

2. Avoid late planting.

3. Plant as early as possible within the recommended planting period.

4. For leaf blast, reflood if field has been drained. Maintain flood at 4-6 inches to ensure soil is covered.

5. Do not over fertilize with nitrogen Apply a fungicide Adinophos or tricyclazol – 0.1% hinosan or bim 0.05% between 12-15 days of infection.

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