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Rice Blast

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Rice Blast

There are two types of Rice blast

1. Leaf blast

2. Neck blast

Local name : Aggi tegulu

Symptoms of Leaf blast

1. The symptoms start with the appearance of small whitish, greyish or bluish spots of 1-3 mm diameter on the leaf blades.

2. The spots developed in the susceptible cultivars enlarge quickly under moist conditions and the spots become elliptical or ‘eye shaped’ with more or less pointed ends on the leaves.

3. The centre of the spots developed in the usually grey or whitish and the margin is brown or reddish brown.

4. Fully developed spots on the susceptible cultivars may be 1-1.5 cm long and 0.3- 0.5 cm broad.

Symptoms of Neck blast

1. The neck blast also called as neck rot or rotten neck.

2. The neck rot or rotten neck blast phase is caused by infection of the neck node by the fungus Pyricularia oryzae.

3. Rotten neck symptoms appear at the base of the panicle starting at the node.

4. The infected tissue turns dark brown to black and shrivel causing the stem to break.

5. Panicles usually turn straw colored and are either completely or partially blacked . Often they break and the heads fall to the ground.

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Rice Blast Disease and its Management ( Dr . Krishnaveni)
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APRRI, Maruteru
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