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Rice Based Health Care Products

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Rice Based Health Care Products 
Rice Riche Pain Relieving Gel   

Rice Pain Relieving Gel is a highly product effective for minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple strains, bruises and sprains. 

Product Composition 

The  major ingredients of the product are

  • Camphor,
  • Menthol,
  • Methyl salicylate,
  • Eucalyptus oil,
  • Rice bran oil

Unique Selling Propositions

  • The product is a herbal formulation containing rice bran oil as a  carrier.
  • Rice bran oil used in this formulation serves as an excellent base for dissolving natural pain relieving  ingredients
  • Rice bran oil absorbs well in the skin, thereby active ingredients get absorbed fast and provide quick   relief.

How is the product different from its close  competitors?

  • Rice bran oil which has a lot of skin beneficial properties, absorbs very well into the skin. So the ingredients dissolved in the medium, absorb very well and provide quick  relief.
  • Products of this category available in the markets have synthetic base and /or synthetic analgesic ingredients

Production cost

  • The production cost of the product at laboratory level is Rs. 20/- per 25 g.
  • Small scale entrepreneurs can start production. With the investment of Rs. five lakhs, one can produce 50 kg of the product daily.

Rice Riche Face Scrub

Rice Riche Face Scrub is an exfoliation product which has been designed specifically for use on the   face. It removes dead skin cells to give a more polished and healthy look by making skin softer and   brighter.

Product Composition

Main ingredients of the product are

  • Rice bran oil,
  • Rice flour from broken rice, humectant.
  • Gamma oryzanol, tocopherols, tocotrienols which are potent  antioxidants,

Features and benefits

  • It keeps skin smooth and glowing by removing dead skin, and exposing a layer of younger, healthier skin.
  • Although the product is oil based, it can easily be   washed off with water leaving behind the   skin smooth, soft and moist.
  • It protects from the problem of blemishes and dark spots, and flakes around nose and chin area.

How is the product different from similar  products?

  • Most of the facial scrubs available in the market contain sharp and hard abrasive particles which are extremely harsh for skin. And after use, application of skin moisturizer becomes  essential.
  • In our product, rice grain flour is used as exfoliant which is mild and soft towards the skin. It  can be used regularly.
  • After rinsing off, the skin becomes smooth, soft and moist and   does not require application of another moisturizing   cream.

Production cost

Cost of production at laboratory scale  is Rs. 18/ per 100 g.

Iron Riche Rice

Back ground

Anemia caused by iron deficiency is a major public health issue affecting infants, young children and pregnant women. It is linked with an increased risk of maternal mortality, as well as an increased risk of pre-term delivery, retarded foetal growth, etc. This problem can be overcome if the rice which is the staple food of majority of the Indian population, is fortified with iron. Keeping this view in mind, a protocol for production of iron fortified rice was developed with proven results.

Effectiveness of the product

The produced is highly effective in alleviating iron deficiency condition. Hemoglobin level measured in moderately subjects increased from 9.25 to 10.83 g/dl while in subjects with severe anemia increased from 6.77 to 10.36 g/dl.

Unique Selling Proposition

  • This product is indistinguishable from unfortified rice.
  • The developed protocol is    cheaper and highly cost effective.
  • There is no considerable loss of iron on washing with water or when cooked with excess of   water.
  • Chance of free radical formation is little as fortificant is uniformly absorbed inside the   grain.

How is the product different from other similar  products?

  • Iron of fortified rice produced by conventional methods like dusting and coating, gets washed away when rinsed or cooked with access of water.
  • Present Protocol involves uniform absorption of iron into grain and thus there is no considerable loss of iron when rinsed or cooked in excess of water.

Production Cost

Developed fortification protocol involves parboiling process. At laboratory scale, additional cost for iron fortification of one kg paddy will be about  Rs. 5/-. The production cost will be reduced if fortification is done at commercial scale.  

Rice bran oil based low fat spread

This is a rice bran oil based low fat (35%) spread which can be used as substitute of butter and margarine containing more than 80% fat. Further the fats of butter and margarine contain unhealthy saturated fats and trans fats while the Rice bran oil has high concentration of health promoting compounds and balance fatty acid composition.

Main ingredients: Rice bran oil, Water, Broken rice powder

Unique Selling Proposition

  • Contains rice bran oil having low fat/oil content (>35%).
  • Balance fatty acid composition containing saturated, mono unsaturated, polyunsaturated acids.

How is the product different from other similar products?

  • Commercially available product contains high proportion of saturated fats and trans fats which are considered as bad cholesterol enhancing fats.
  • The product is made of rice bran oil which is considered as healthy oil.
  • Because of rice bran oil, the product contains health promoting components oryzanol, tocopherol etc.

Production cost: At laboratory scale the cost of RBO Spread is equal to the cost of rice bran   oil

Rice riche moisturizing lotion

Rice Moisturizing Lotion is a skin care product. Its regular application makes skin smooth, soft and supple. The antioxidants of the product fight with free radicals and slow down the effect of aging.

Product composition

The major ingredients of the product are

  • Rice bran Oil,
  • Brown rice extract,
  • Water,
  • Glycerol as main key ingredients

Unique Selling Proposition

  • The starch extracted from brown rice provides moisture to skin slowly but for a longer period of time.
  • The oil and the brown rice extract contain various skin beneficial ingredients contributing to suppleness, tightening, lightening and preventing dryness of the skin.

How is the product different from other similar  products?

The oil and the brown rice extract contain various skin beneficial ingredients contributing   to

  • suppleness,
  • tightening,
  • lightening and preventing dryness of the skin.
  • On account of oryzanol, the product has anti-aging property.

Production cost

At laboratory scale, production cost of 100 g of the product is only Rs.13/-. Small scale entrepreneurs can start business. With facility costing Rs. five lakhs one can produce 50 kg of the product every day.

Rice riche cream for cracked heel and dry skin

This product is useful for therapeutic and cosmetic applications such as cracked heels, dry skin disorder. It softens the heel and the foot skin, preventing the feet and other parts from forming thick and hard skin.

Product composition

The product comprises rice bran oil up to 60%, brown rice 
extract up to 40%, humectant up to 30%, sequestrant up to 1.0%, preservative, fragrance in acceptable range and sufficient quantity of water to make the formulation 100%. Gamma  oryzanol,  tocopherols,   tocotrienols,   sterols etc are other bioactive minor components present in the product

Features of the product

  • The formulation, apart from healing the cracks on heels, is useful in arresting the bleeding due to cracks and reducing the pain.
  • The cream has the excellent effects of softening the heel and the foot skin. It enhances skin elasticity.
  • Interestingly, compared to commercially available products, the recurrence of crack is less severe.
  • The composition of the formulation is new, very safe, eco-friendly and does not produce any harmful effects.

Effectiveness of the products

  • Cracks in heal disappeared within a week, this was reported by the all users (100%).
  • Majority of the respondents (82.0%) considered this product better / much better than the available products in the market.

Production cost

At laboratory scale, the production cost of 50 g of the product is Rs. 25.50 which can be further reduced it prepared at commercial scale.

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