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Production of nucleus and breeder seed of three line hybrid system

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1. Breeder seed production involves the further multiplication of A, B and R lines using nucleus seed.

2. The seed material obtained from systematic paired crossing can be used to produce the breeder seed. Breeder seed production has to be taken up in a field where no rice crop is grown during previous crop season. Recommended isolation distance is 300-500 meters.

3. A row ratio of 2: 4 and 2: 6 can be adopted for nucleus and breeder seed production respectively. Utmost care is needed for meticulous rouging as the seed has to be very pure.

4. Other practices are similar to those recommended for hybrid seed production. Further multiplication as foundation seed of A-, B- and R- lines can be done in similar fashion.

5. The seed chain of nucleus, breeder, foundation and certified seed production should be maintained regularly with highest standard of genetic and physical purity at each of the stages.

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Agro Techniques for Hybrid Rice Cultivation and Seed Production - 2005, DRR Training Manual
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