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Production and distribution level constraints in Biofertilizers

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1. Unavailability of appropriate and location specific strains, efficient, competitive and high N fixer with wide range of host under diverse environmental conditions, N fixing ability under high available soil N conditions, survival and persistence in soil, mobility in soil, ability to survive in moisture deficient, high temperature and adverse soil conditions etc.

a. Unavailability of good carrier material: Currently using inner materials are peat, charcoal,lignite, mixture of FYM and soil which have short life. The liquid inoculants could be better alternative.

b. Poor inoculant's quality is not only due to poor production facilities but can be caused by poor standards, transport, inadequate distribution and storage facilities. Inoculants can be stored for 6 months at 2°°C but they lose viability at temperature above 4°°C within few hours.

Poor storage and distribution facilities at manufacture, distributor and dealer levels are the major constraints in the availability of good quality product in the market.

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