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Potential Economic Benefits from Drying

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Depending on the prevailing frame conditions and the postharvest system the use of mechanical dryers might provide the following economic benefits                    

Economic benefit Pre-condition constraints:

1. Increased market value of the (higher quality) paddy 

2. Existing and significant price differentiation for different quality levels must compensate for drying cost plus weight reduction occurring during drying

3. Market access: Little differentiation of quality in the market. Little implementation of standards.

4. Quality markets still limited. a) Small batches of different varieties. b) Secured income from minimizing weather risk and c) Significant discount for spoilt or wet paddy, need to sell after harvest

5.Possibility of buying additional wet paddy. Discount would not cover drying cost Increased income from being able to process more grain in a given time  

6.Limited working capital

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