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Post-harvest operations in Maharashtra

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The crop is harvested close to the ground when about 90 per cent of the grains in the panicle are grey in colour ( Straw colour). Delayed harvesting causes considerable loss by shattering of grains resulting in considerable loss in yield and increased percentage of broken rice in hulling and due to damage by rats and birds.

The right stage of harvesting is when the ears are nearly ripe and the straw slightly green. The crop is generally cut with a sickle by manual labour or with a mechanical reaper, self propelled harvester, etc. and dried in the field for 3-4 days.

The combine harvester is available for harvesting, threshing, winnowing and cleaning of seeds. The crop is threshed by hand beating or by pedal thresher or by mechanical thresher.

Drying: Seeds are dried up to 13% moisture.

Storage: Paddy grains are stored in Kangi, Bags, Bin. Paddy straw is stored in heep.

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