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Parasitoids of Leaf folder:

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1. Cnaphalocrocis medinalis is the most important leaf folder species of rice crop and is attacked by a large number of natural enemies.

2. Diversification of natural enemies and the extent of their activities appear to be more in rainy season crop than in summer, which possibly restrict the activity of the pest in kharif as compared to rabi.

3. Inundative releases of Trichogramma chilonis @ 1 lakh/ha against leaffoder have been recommended with satisfactory results. Certain parasitoids are more active in a specific season or location than in the other when the pest is available in all the seasons.

4. At Cuttack, activity of Macrocentrus sp and Temelucha philioppines (Ash.) is more in dry season and that of Cardiochiles nigricollis Cameron is more in the wet season.

5. Extent of parasitism due to this parasitoid ranged from 28 to 50%.Occurrence of diapause has been observed in this parasitoid for the first time at Cuttack. Besides parasitizing the host larvae sometimes, females of Goniozus sp. an ecto-parasitoid fed on them before oviposition as predators.

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