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Parasitoids of Brown planthopper (BPH)

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1. Egg parasitism is often very high, whereas nymph and adult parasitism are generally low.

2. Egg parasitoids exert considerable control over BPH population. Among three common egg parasitoids, Anagrus optabilis (Perkins), Oligosita naias (Girault) and Tetrastichus sp. recorded 42% cumulative parasitism in Tamil Nadu.

3. Anagrus sp. and Oligosita sp. were also the common species at Cuttack and their peak activity (65.5% parasitism) was reached towards the end of the season during October and November.

4. The nymph and adults are attacked by several species of dryinids, elenchids and strepsiterans. The incidence of parasitism by dryinids and strepsiterans are quite variable and increase in the latter half of the crop.

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