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Packing and labelling the seed

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1. Pack your seed in clean, preferably new, jute bags.

2. If you store your seeds in used bags, you should disinfect the bags to protect the seeds from insects that could attack the seed during storage.

3. Follow these steps to disinfect used bags. Turn the bags inside out and shake them thoroughly so no seeds of any kind stick to the inside of the bag. Soak the bags for 10 minutes in a 0.15% solution of malathion. (Make the solution by mixing 1 part malathion 50 EC in 300 parts water.)

4.Dry the bags under shade before filling them with seed.

5. Do not pack your seed if the moisture content is more than 13%. The seed would be spoiled during storage. Make two labels for each bag - one to place inside the bag and one to attach to the outside. 6. Each label should contain the following information: your name and address. the name of the hybrid. the location of the seed production field. season.

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