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Other novel pest control techniques (Insect Sex Pheromones)

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1. Semio-chemicals are chemicals involved in communication

among the insect species either for mating, aggregation or other gregarious activities.

2.  Among the semio-chemicals, sex pheromones play a vital role in intra-specific communication, particularly for mating between male and female insects.

3. Recently, sex pheromones have been found promising for management of yellow stem borer. The sex pheromone mediated traps can be used for monitoring yellow stem borer populations as well as in their direct control (Krishnaiah et al, 2004).
4. In monitoring, "trap capture thresholds" can be used as decision tools in the use of insecticides for stem borer control. A trap capture of 30-35 moths/trap/week is the tentative threshold level for taking control measures against yellow stem borer.

5. For monitoring of the pest, 8 sleeve traps per hectare each with 5 mg pheromone are to be installed. Direct control of this pest is possible through mass trapping by installing 20 sleeve traps per hectare each with 5 mg pheromone impregnated lures (replaced thrice during crop season). This can effectively reduce stem borer infestation under moderate pest load.

6. Strategic integration of pheromone mediated mass trapping with inundative release of biocontrol agent T. chilonis to check both yellow stem borer and leaf folder pests can be efficient and cost effective in endemic areas.

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Technical Bulletin No. 10, Integrated Pest Management in Rainfed Rice Production Systems, Directorate of Rice Research.
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