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Organic Certification

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Name: Organic Certification
Benefits offered: Organic Certification is carried out in accordance with National Programme for Organic production norms / ISO 65. Organic Certification involves:
1) Receipt and scrutiny of application.
2) Field Inspections
3) Supervision at post harvest stages.
4) Seed sampling and analysis
5) Grant of certificate
Eligibility: Any person desired to produce Organic product can do so by registering himself with Department of Organic Certification. Registration fee of Rs.5000 for individual and group certification along with Rs.1000 towards inspection charges and Rs.200 towards travel cost shall be paid. Similarly Rs. 25000 is charged as registration fee from corporate sector along with Rs. 2000 towards inspection charges and Rs.400 travel cost. All crops are eligible for Organic Certification.
Officer to be approached: Evaluator, O/o the Directorate of Organic Certification, Coimbatore-641 013.
Time limit for sanction/rejection: The decisions on acceptance/rejection will be communicated to the producer within 10 days.
Appellate Authority:
Director of Organic Certification
1424A, Thadagam Road,
Coimbatore - 641 013.
Phone: 0422-2432984
Tele fax: 0422-2457554

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