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Nutrient managements in Rajarajan 1000 Rice Cultivation

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Application of organic manures :

1. Apply 12.5 t of FYM or compost or green leaf manure @ 6.25 t/ha.

2. If green manure is raised @ 20 kg /ha in situ, incorporate it to a depth of 15 cm using a green manure trampler or tractor.

3. In the place of green manure, press-mud / composted coir-pith can also be used.

Stubble incorporation:

  1. Apply 22 kg urea / ha at the time of first puddling while incorporating the stubbles of previous crop to compensate immobilization of N by the stubbles.

2. This may be done at least 10 days prior to planting of subsequent crop. This recommendation is more suitable for double crop wetlands, wherein, the second crop is transplanted in succession with short turn around period.

Bio fertilizer application

1. Broadcast 10 kg of soil based powdered BGA flakes at 10 DAT for the dry season crop. Maintain a thin film of water for multiplication.

2. Raise azolla as a dual crop by inoculating 250 kg/ha 3 to 5 DAT and then incorporate during weeding for the wet season crop.

3. Mix 10 packets (2000 g)/ha of Azospirillum and 10 packets (2000g/ha)of Phosphobacteria or 20 packets (4000g/ha) of Azophos inoculants with 25 kg FYM and 25 kg of soil and broadcast the mixture uniformly in the main field before transplanting .

4. Pseudomonas fluorescens (Pf 1) at 2.5 kg/ha mixed with 50 kg FYM and 25 kg of soil and broadcast the mixture uniformly before transplanting.

Split application of N

1. Apply N in four equal splits viz., basal, tillering, panicle initiation and heading stages.

2. Tillering and Panicle initiation periods are crucial and should not be reduced with the recommended quantity.

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