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Nursery management

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1. A nursery area of 1000 sq.m. is sufficient to transplant one hectare. Plough nursery field twice under dry condition.

2 . Apply wherever possible decomposed and powdered farm yard manure @ 500 kg/1000 sq.m. Puddle two to three times subsequently by ploughing in stagnated water (2 – 3 cm), preferably at intervals of five days.

3. Level the field perfectly after final puddling construct 5-10-cm raised seedbeds of approximately 1 m width of any convenient length.

3. Construct drainage channels between seedbeds to drain excess water.

4. Apply 5 to 10 kg N, 5 kg P2O5 and 5 kg K2O for every 1000 sq.m. area of the nursery before the final levelling.

5. Double the phosphate fertilizer where low temperature retards seedling growth. In zinc deficient areas, apply zinc sulphate @ 3 – 4 kg/1000 sq.m.

6. Iron chlorosis can be prevented either by spraying 2 per cent ferrous sulphate solution 2 to 3 times at weekly intervals or by frequent inundations.

File Courtesy: 
Agro Techniques for Hybrid Rice Cultivation and Seed Production - 2005, DRR Training Manual
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Dr. Hari Prasad ( DRR)
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