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Nursery Bed Preparation for Modified Mat Nursery

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1. Modified mat nursery needs 4 cubic meters of soil mix for every 100 m2 of nursery area.

2. Mix 7 parts soil with 2 parts rotten and well-decomposed chicken manure, and 1 part fresh or charred rice hull.

Preparing the nursery area

3. Prepare a 100 m2 nursery area to plant one hectare. Select a levelled area in backyard or in the main field.

4. Level seedbed and spread banana leaves or plastic sheeting on top to prevent the roots of the seedlings from penetrating into the soil.

5. Lay the soil mixture. It can be done this with or without using a wooden frame. For those using a wooden frame, place the frame on top of the banana leaves.

6. The frame should be half a meter long, 0.3 meter wide and 4 centimetres deep, divided into equal segments. Then, fill the frame to the top with the soil mixture prepared.

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