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Modern storage structure

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1. Bitumen/ coal tar drum
An alternate model of metal bin, low cost with similar technical performance. These bins are of 520 mm dia and 900 mm height.

2. Hapur bin/ Kothis
Circular bins of 2, 5, 7.2 and 10 q capacity and have potential to meet requirements of even large farmers.

3. Udaipur bin
These bins are made out of used coaltar drums. These can stock 1.3 q of wheat and maize. These bins can be made to have more airtight lid if the drum outlet end is given small cut to unload the bitumen.

4. Stone bin
Stone bin (Chittore bin) is made of locally available 40 mm thick stone slabs with dimensions of 680 mm x 1200 mm with square cross-section. This bin has a capacity of 3.8 q.

5. Bamboo bin
These bins are made of two walls of bamboo with polythene lining in between and have varying capacities.
6. Baked clay bin
Baked clay bin of 7q capacity (paddy) is made of 16 burnt rings jointed by mud plaster; cement mortar and cowdung coatings one after another. The ends of the rings are made in such a manner that they fit into each other. These rings are kept on a polythene sheet covered and plastered platform of brick mansory and cement sand mortar. An outlet is provided for the discharge of the grain. The top is covered with a mild steel lid.

7. PKV bin
Made from green bamboo splits into suitable sizes. The tunnel, outlet flap valve and complete stand can be fabricated in a workshop.

8. Pusa bin
It is a modification of the ordinary mud storage structure commonly used in villages. To provide moisture proof and airtight conditions, polyethylene film of 700 gauge thickness has been embedded at the top, bottom and on all the sides of the mud bin. The bin is constructed with unburnt bricks on burnt bricks or concrete floor to avoid rat burrowing. The grain and seed both remain safe in the bin for more than one year with proper precautions.

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Store Grain Pests and their Management, IGSMARI – Hyderabad
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