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Mechanism of damage of Rice Blast

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1. Disease cycle begins when conidia are deposited on rice leaves and germinate by producing a germ tube and an appressorium. 

2. Under favorable conditions, symptoms within 4-5 days of infection.

3. Conidia are produced on the lesions 6-7 days after infection. The rate of sporulation increases with increase in relative humidity (RH). 

4. A typical leaf blast lesion produces 2000-6000 conidia each day for about 14 days. Most of the spores are produced and released during night, particularly between 2:00 and 6:00 a.m.

5. Longer the dew period, more spores are released. These conidia are mostly disseminated by means of wind. 


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Rice Blast Disease and its Management ( Dr. Krishnaveni)
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