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Management of Brown Leaf Spot of Rice

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- Field sanitation: Removal of collateral hosts and infected debris in the field.
- Crop rotation, adjustment of planting time and proper fertilization are suggested.
- Use of slow release nitrogenous fertilizers is advisable.
- Use disease free seeds.
- Resistant variety: Grow disease tolerant varieties like Birsamati, Birsa Vikas Dhan 110, Birsa Vikas Dhan 109, Hazaridhan, Sadabahar, Birsa Dhan 108, Shivam, Virendra, Sugandha and Rajashri showed resistance against brown leaf spot of rice.
- Seed Treatment: with Carbendazim 50 WP or Beam (Tricyclazole) @ 2 gm/kg seed.
- Spray 0.1% solution of Carbendazim 50 WP (@ 1 gm/lt water) or 0.06% Beam (Tricyclazole) (6 gm/10 lt water).

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