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Management of blast disease

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A) Chemical control
1. Seeds should be soaked for 12 hrs in 0.1 % Carbendazim 50 WP (Bavistin, Derosol or JKstein) prior to sowing of nursery or broadcasting for upland rice.
2. Root dip treatment to the seedlings immediately after uprooting is recommended for 12 hrs in 0.1 % Carbendazim 50 WP (Bavistin, Derosol or JKstein) in low land crop.
3. Bavistin (0.1 %) followed by Hinosan (0.1 %) or Dithane M -45 (0.25%) should be sprayed at fortnightly interval beginning from first appearance of the disease. Sandovit or Triton should be used as sticker @ 0.2% with spray solution to obtain better control of the disease. For low land crop apply Kitazin granules 17G @ 30 kg/ha in 2 equal split doses at tillering and booting stages with standing water in the field.
B) Avoid higher levels of nitrogenous fertilizer because
1. Higher levels of nitrogenous fertilizer favour the disease.
2. Nitrogen should be applied at 40 -60 kg/ha for upland and 50 -60 kg/ha for low land in three equal split doses at:
• one week after sowing or transplanting.
• Tillering and
• Panicle initiation stage.

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