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Management of Bacterial Leaf Blight disease

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1. Use seed from disease free crop.

2. Treat the seeds by soaking it for 12hrs in a mixed solution of streptocycline(0.15%) and wetable Ceresan (0.05%) followed by hot water treatment at 52oC-54oC foe 30 minutes.

3. Growing resistant varieties is the best way to disease management, some of the commercially cultivated resistant varieties to bacterial blight are Swarna, IR 36, IR 64 and Saket 4, IR-20, IR-54, Asha and Daya.

4. If the favorable weather persists and disease is at flare-up stage, it is advisable to withdraw application of nitrogen fertilizer at that stage of crop growth to minimize the effect of disease on yield.

5. Spray the crop with copper fungicides like Blitox-50 and other formulations of Copper fungicides also will helpful in reducing disease.

6. Application of Streptocycline @ .6% for spray.

7. Drain away the water from fields as frequently as possible.

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RARS, Karjat
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RARS, Karjat
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