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Management for Bacterial Leaf Blight (BLB) of Rice

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- Burn the stubbles.
- Use optimum dose of fertilizers.
- Avoid clipping of tip of seedling at the time of transplanting.
- Avoid flooded conditions.
- Remove weed hosts.
- Grow resistant cultivars like Birsamati, Birsa Vikas Dhan 110, Birsa Vikas Dhan 109, Hazaridhan, Sadabahar, Birsa Dhan 108, Shivam and Swarna showed resistance against bacterial leaf blight (BLB) of Rice.
- Seed Treatment: with Carbendazim 50 WP or Beam (Tricyclazole) @ 2 gm/kg seed.
- Foliar spray: Make solution of 2 gm Streptocycline in 10 lt water (0.02%). Total 100 gm Streptocycline mix with 500 lt water and spray 2 to 3 time in one hectare.

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