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Maintaining the purity of TGMS lines

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1. Selecting about 100 plants with the typical characteristics of the original EGMS lines and planting them separately in pots.

2. Transferring the pots at the sensitive stage into a glasshouse with a controlled temperature or phytotron where appropriate temperature and photoperiod are set.

3. Monitoring pollen sterility critically at the time of heading and selecting plants with 100 per cent sterility.

4. Ratooning selected plants in suitable short-photoperiod/low temperature conditions and collecting their selfed seed (nucleus seed).

5. Bulking nucleus seed from each selected plant in a row and comparing the agronomic characters and fertility or sterility traits of the selected rows or lines with those of the original line.

6. Selected lines that are identical/ similar to the original ones are harvested. The harvested seed is also called nucleus seed.

7. Multiplying nucleus seed to produce breeder seed and multiplying breeder seed to produce foundation seed of EGMs lines.

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Agro Techniques for Hybrid Rice Cultivation and Seed Production - 2005, DRR Training Manual
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