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Low Lands Soils of Red Sandy Soils in Karnataka

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1. Low lands soils of red sandy soils are partially deposited soils occurring on very gentle slope to nearly level or flat valley bottom areas, are deep to very deep, dark brown to very dark brown, sandy loam sandy clay loamand occasionally clay loam soils on the surface and sandy clay loam to clayey soils in the sub-surface horizons.

2. They are neutral to weakly alkaline, noncalcarious to calcarious and have medium to high cation exchange capacity and base saturation.

3. The water holding capacity is relatively high. These soils are moderately well drained to poor drainage with moderately low to low permeability. At places the ground water table is seen within 1.5. to 2.0 meters for a good part of the year.

4. Patches of saline and alkaline areas also occur in the low lands. These soils are classified under the order Alfisols and Entisols with sub-orders Ustalfs and Fluvents.

5. These soils normally respond to irrigation, manuring and other management practices and generally good yields are obtained on these soils.

6. Adequate drainage and adoption of recommended package of practices can ensure sustained yields. In problematic areas like high water table and water logging, encouragement for digging wells in the command may help in reducing the water table. Also, soil amendments may be added according to the soil test results to reclaim soils affected by alkalinity.

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