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Location specific Nutrient management to rice crop

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Manure: Apply 5 tones FYM or Compost or 5 quintal Karanj or Neem cack per ha in direct seeded rice or before 15 days after transplanting. Karanj or Neem cack are also effective in controlling nematodes in field. Integrated Nutrient Management for Rice: INM approach is required to ensure higher yield. As for as possible, apply fertilizer as per soil test recommendation. If it is not followed, adopt blanket recommendation as follows in Jharkhand state. All P2O5 and K2O should be applied as basal at the time of puddling as quartering method only in course textured (low CEC), K may be applied in two splits 50% at basal and 50% at maximum tillering stage/panicle initiation stage. N should be applied in three splits doses as 50% basal + 25% at maximum tillering + 25% at panicle initiation stage of rice.

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