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Leaf scald

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1. The disease occurs in all states of NE region coinciding generally with maturity stage of the crop. Typical symptoms appear on the upper part of the leaves. Lesions start either from the tip or along the margin and are oblong with characteristic alternate zonations of the dark brown or light yellow areas.
2. The disease is caused by Rhynchosporium oryzae. The pathogen produces conidia, which are hyaline, 2-celled and unequal with a short lateral beak on the apical cell.
Management of the disease may be done through -
• Application of higher doses of potash (80 kg ~O/ha)
• Growing of resistant varieties
• Spraying of 0.1 % Carbendazim and 0.1 % Thiophanate-methyl 3 times starting from the appearance of disease at 15 days interval

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