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Leaf blast

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Leaf blast: 


1.The symptoms start with the appearance of small whitish, greyish or bluish spots of 1-3 mm diameter on the leaf blades.

2.The spots developed in the susceptible cultivars enlarge quickly under moist conditions and the spots become elliptical or ‘eye shaped’ with more or less pointed ends on the leaves. 

3.The centre of the spots developed in the usually grey or whitish and the margin is brown or reddish brown. 

4.Fully developed spots on the susceptible cultivars may be 1-1.5 cm long and 0.3- 0.5 cm broad.

5. In severe attacks, seedlings and plants in the nursery may be completely blasted or killed. On the resistant cultivars minute brown specks of pinhead size may be observed. Numerous spots may occur on a leaf which may dry up.. 


File Courtesy: 
Rice Blast Disease and its Management ( D . Krishnaveni)
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Mr.Chaitanya - DRR
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