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Land preparation for Wet Nursery Management in Central Telangana Zone

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Nursery Management (Wet):
• Select an area of nursery, which has good irrigation and drainage facility.
• Prepare the nursery field one month before sowing
• Prepare nursery field by ploughing twice in the summer subsequently by puddling 3-4 times at an interval of 5-6 days.
• Level the field after final puddling and prepare raised beds of one-meter width and of convenient length duly forming channels for irrigation and proper drainage.
• Apply Well-decomposed FYM/ compost @ 200 kg/ 5cents nursery to improve soil condition.
• Soak the paddy seed for 16-24 hours and incubate for 24-36 hours before sowing of sprouted seed.
• Apply 2 kg Nitrogen ( 4.4 kg of Urea), 1 kg of `P2O5’ (6.25 kg of SSP) and 1kg of `K2O’ (1.7 kg of MOP) for a nursery bed of 5 cents ( 200 m2) .
• Apply total `P’ & `K’ fertilizers and ½ `N’ as basal (before final leveling and thoroughly mixed in the soil).
• Apply the remaining ½ `N’ at 10-15 days after sowing depending up on seedling growth.
• Sow the sprouted seed @ 5 kg/cent (40 m2) of nursery bed and 20 kg seed is sufficient for one acre of main field.
• Broadcast sprouted seed uniformly in seedbeds by keeping thin film of water and drain the water next day morning for proper aeration.
• Maintain alternate wet and dry during first week, after that beds can be flooded 2-3 cm depth depending up on height of seedlings.
• Apply@ 75 ml Benthiocarb or Pretilachlor with safener@ 40 ml or Butachlor @50 ml or Pyrazosulfuron @ 5 g in 10 litres of water as pre emergence application for five cents nursery to over come weed problem
• Apply Cyhalo fop P butyl @ 20 ml/ 10 litres of water at 12-15 DAS to control Echinochloa spp. effectively.
• At the time of uprooting, the nursery should be flooded two daye before to avoid root damage

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