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The KRH-2 is another hybrid of medium duration maturing in 130 days was released for the state of Karnataka during the year 1996. It yielded on an average of 7.3 t/ha as compared to 6 t/ha of Jaya the best high yielding check of Karnataka. This hybrid was developed by crossing IR 58025A, a IRRI CMS line with KMR-3R a locally developed line. When this hybrid was tested along with the released hybrids and marketed hybrids of the country in different parts of the country during the season kharif 2000 it topped the rank in almost all the 64 locations, when it was further tested it was found highly stable over the locations with yield advantage of 1.2 to 1.5 t/ha over the best high yielding local check of the respective locations. Therefore this was released at national level during the year 2°°2 for eastern, western and southern parts of the country.

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RARS Mandya
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RARS Mandya
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