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Juice sucking insects

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Juice sucking insects

Symptoms of damage:

1. Both the nymphs and adults suck the sap from leaves. As a result of pest attack, initially yellowish streaks appear on the leaves.

2. Later, the leaves curl longitudinally from the margins inwards leading to sharply pointed leaf tips resembling that of needles, which finally wither.

3. In severely infested areas, the plants become lanky and present a sickly appearance. Infestation at the panicle stage causes unfilled grains or sterility.

Control Measures:

1. To control the insects like Madhua , Dhahiya insects and Thrips apply granular insecticides like Carbofuron, Forate, Quinolphos etc.

2. Beside these, farmers can spray Phosphymidon @ 4-5 ml/10 lit.of water or Monocrotophos @ 10 ml/10lit. of water or Methyl Dymeton (Metasystox) 1 ml/lit. of water.

3. Grow resistant rice varieties like Kanak, Satyam, Kishori and Satyam to control the insects like Madhua or broadcast Thimate 10 per cent granules @ 10 Kg + 5 Kg Neem cake in 2-5 cm standing water in the field.

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