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Integrated Pest Management

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1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the most appropriate approach to obtain sustainable rice yield with least damage to the environment. 

2.  Integrated pest management in the simplest terms is referred to as “a broad ecological strategy combining several components such as insect resistant rice varieties, cultural, chemical and biological control methods for the management of insect pest populations below the levels at which they cause economic injury to the rice crop.

3. The impending need to develop and adopt IPM arises in view of increasing reports of insects developing resistance to key insecticides, imposition of stricter regulation by Field damage due to thrips.

4. Government to limit the release of newer pesticides to avoid environmental and health hazards, increasing cost in the development of newer insecticides and increasing awareness on the toxic hazards of pesticides.

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Insecticides in Rice IPM-E-Book                          रासायनिक एकीकृत कीट प्रबंधन (आई.पी.एम) पैकेज


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Technical Bulletin No. 10, Integrated Pest Management in Rainfed Rice Production Systems, Directorate of Rice Research.
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