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Improved storage structures

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1. Improved bins: Different organisations developed and designed improved storage structures for scientific storage of foodgrains, which are moisture resistant and rodent-proof.

2. Brick-build godowns: These are made by brick-walls with cemented flooring for storing paddy/rice in bulk and bags.

3. Cement plastered bamboo bin: This bin developed by Post Harvest Technology Centre, Kharagpur, in which bamboo strips are used to form the skeleton of the bin and cement-sand mortar (1:2.5 ratio) is plastered on outer and inner surface of the bin.

4. CAP (Cover and plinth) storage: It is an economical way of storage on a large scale. The plinth is made by cement concrete and bags are staked on open and covered by polythene cover.

5. Silos: Silos are used for storage of foodgrains. These are made from concrete, bricks and metallic materials with loading and unloading equipment.

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