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Implementation constraints in Rice production

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  • Lack of integration and coordination between different line departments of different states in the promotion of integrated development strategies
  • Inadequate extension and training support services with little client oriented or participatory extension activities
  • Top-down approach of agricultural programmes without considering the needs of the farmers
  • Lack of on-farm, multidisciplinary and development oriented programmes
  • Lack of integration of research, extension and education in agricultural developmental    programmes
  •  Lack of adequate service facilities such as credit, input supply and marketing of produce
  • Dependent attitude of farmers on government sponsored subsidized schemes
  • Transport and communication bottleneck in remote areas

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A.K. Mohanty, Chandan Kapoor, R. Gopi, S. N. Meera and R. K. Avasthe, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, published in Rice Knowledge Management for Food and Nutritional Security.
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