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IIRR 8 Row Seeder

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Technology 21:

IIRR 8 Row Seeder
Technology Profile

A row seeder (also known as drum seeder) sows the pregerminated paddy seeds in the rows at spacing of 20 cm in puddle soil.  There is saving in the cost of cultivation to the tune of 35 per cent by using this device.


The advantages of the machine are

  • Lightness of the machine
  • Ease of fabrication at any local workshop
  • Ease of operation with one operator
  • Low cost

Direct sowing Row seeder with wider spacing ( 25 cm X 25 cm) SRI - drumseeder:  A row seeder (with a spacing of 25 cm row to row) sows the pregerminated paddy seeds in the rows at a spacing of 25cm in puddle soil. The other principles of SRI can be well adopted with this seeder to enhance the productivity. The drum seeder is under testing at DRR to save seed and enhance profitability.


IIRR 8 Row Drum Seeder

IIRR eight  row- self propelled Seeder

Practical Utility/ Scalability

  • No of rows   : 8
  • Row spacing, cm        : 20
  • Field capacity, ha/h     : 0.235
  • Power source  : 4.0 hp Diesel engine
  • Unit Cost, Rs (approx)    : 55,000
  • Cost of operation (Rs/ha) : 740

Carrying out timely operation and reducing cost of cultivation is the prerequisite for enhancing the production and productivity of rice and as well as to make rice cultivation commercially viable and profitable enterprise for the farmers. Selective mechanization can help to achieve this goal. 

Technology /Concept developed by Dr T Vidhan Singh and team.

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