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Grain Storage

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As crop management in the field is very important, similarly grain storage after harvesting is equally important.
• Rice is to be stored as unmilled paddy.
• Grain moisture level is to be brought down to 12-14%.
• A suitable storage structure (metallic/ non- metallic), which is fairly air tight, is to be selected, depending on quantity of grain to be stored.
• The storage structure is to be disinfested with malathion 50 EC (1:100 dilution) @ 3 l of spray emulsion per 100 sqm. before filling in with grains.
• If old empty gunny bags are to be reused, such bags are to be either treated with malathion or immersed in boiling water for 15-20 minutes & dried.
• The bags are to be stacked in systematic way on proper dunnage either wooden crates or on a foot thick layer of husk or straw, away from the walls.

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