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Grain quality

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1. The cooking quality preferences vary from region to region. The quality in rice will have to be considered from the view point of milling qualit, grain size, shape, appearance and cooking characteristics.

2. A hybrid should possess high turnout of whole grain (head) rice and total milled rice, with varying length: breadth ratio (L/B) ranging from 2.5 to 3 mm and medium (5.5 – 6.6 mm) to long slender (> 6.6 mm) translucent grain, intermediate gelatinization temperature (GT) and amylose content (AC).

3. Besides this, high quality rices like Basmati should have length wise expansion without increase in girth coupled with distinct aroma.

4. The rice hybrids have grain quality features either better or on par with that of popular varietal checks like Jaya, IR 64 Annada and other popular local checks

5. Most of the hybrids have long slender grain type.

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Agro Techniques for Hybrid Rice Cultivation and Seed Production - 2005, DRR Training Manual
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