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Fertilizer Recommendation for Central Telangana Zone

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a) Nursery :

• Basal fertilization with 0.5 kg of `N’; 0.5 kg of `P’ and 0.5 Kg of `K’ per every 100 is required to get robust seedlings, followed by another 0.5 kg `N’ at 12 days after sowing.

• Spray ZnSO4 @ 2.0 g /l for correction of Zinc deficiency if deficiency is observed.

• Spray 5-10 g Ferrous sulphate (or) Ferrous ammonium sulphate with 0.5 to 1.0 gram of citric acid per litre of water to correct Iron deficiency in the nursery crop.

b) Main field: 

• Nitrogen is to be applied in three splits (at basal, at active tillering Stage & at Panicle Initiation stage) `P’ & `K’ may be applied as basal in heavy soils.

• In case of light soils, `K’ may be applied in two equal splits i.e., at basal and at panicle initiation stage.

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